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Our Products

Engineered Flooring

SmithMade’s flooring is specifically engineered for quality and stability.  Our standard ¾”flooring is composed of a 1/4” hardwood surface layer, and a 1/2” substrate of 9 Ply Russian Baltic Birch plywood. This allows our wear layer to be comparable to traditional ¾” solid hardwood flooring, with significantly less seasonal movement. SmithMade prides itself in using the finest materials to produce a flooring that stands the test of time. 

Engineered Dining Tables

SmithMade’s Table Tops are specifically engineered for quality and stability.  Our standard top is composed of a 1/8” hardwood surface layer, and a 1” substrate of 16 Ply Russian Baltic Birch plywood with a layered edge to create specified thickness. Unlike standard veneer this allows our wear layer to be treated like solid hardwoods tops, with significantly less seasonal movement. SmithMade prides itself in using the finest materials to produce furniture that stands the test of time. 

Custom Surface Treatments

Hand Beveling: This technique of beveling individual pieces with 1/16-1/8 inch hand sanded chamfers, creates depth and brings beauty to the worldly style of our timeless surfaces.

Wire Brushing: Using unique wire brushes the soft grain of the wood is removed, while keeping the heartwood intact. Mirroring an effect of a naturally worn floor. Once finish is applied, the variation in grain depth is highlighted, showing an elegant and soft to the touch surface.

Weathering Effect: By patiently layering multiple colors on the surface of the wood, a grey and weathered color is created. Mimicking tones much like a traditional hardwood siding that has been exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

Fuming Effect: Altering the hues of White Oak with chemicals that react with this tannin rich hardwood give a rich and timeless appearance. Accentuating the flecks and rays that White Oak is most prized for.

French Bleed: A labor intense process historically used on the finest patterned flooring. Edges are artfully scraped by hand before assembly, multiple colors are carefully introduced to the scraped edges. Once the top coat is applied, beautiful deep dark lines show through. Highlighting our intricate hand assembled patterns and elevating your flooring to the historic parquets of the past.

Distressed Effect: Artisans selectively dent, scratch, scrape, and bore tiny holes into the surface. Reproducing the process that age and daily use does to antique wood floors. This technique is done by hand to assure that every piece of flooring is unique to the next piece.

Sawn Effect: Timbers are sawn to thickness with aggressive toothed blades. Then sanded multiple times to produce a time-worn, rough sawn effect. This approach generates a rustic and warm texture and appearance.

* All of SmithMade’s custom surface treatments are customizable. Mixing several treatments can insure the client’s project is a one of a kind piece of art that is specific to their taste and vision.


Water Based Urethane: Smithmade’s urethane finish is a full water based system. Durable enough for commercial applications where a high traffic/high use finish is necessary. Available in Matt, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss. Anti-Slip additives also available.

Hard Wax Oil: SmithMade’s hard wax oil finishes are VOC-free and completely non-toxic. Hard wax oils are easily maintained and repairable. Opposed to the urethane top coats, this finish provides a sophisticated luster and compliments the natural beauty of the wood by enhancing the grain and chatoyance.